Interesting sites from the past week

Who doesn’t need more sites for maps.  This one looks good on a global level.  It’s called ReliefWeb and says it serves the humanitarian community.  When there’s a big world disaster, like a tsunami or earthquake, floods, here’s your sign.

Timelines are valuable for us, so I’ve set up a Timelines category.  Whenever I stumble over a timeline source, I’ll blog it and categorize it under Timelines, so we can build up some good sources.  This first one deals with a timeline of recent world school shootings from 1996 to the present April 2007.

New postal rates, effective May 12.

Blinkx….over 7 million hours of video and it’s searchable.  Claims it’s the world’s largest video search engine. Find favorite TV episodes to watch on your computer; look up that latest video gaf by a politician or celebrity.

More sites for viewing TV on the computer: 


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One response to “Interesting sites from the past week

  1. Tom

    The best IPTV site Ive found so far has to be
    check it out, loads of awesome channels available to watch for free straight from the one site.. no downloads or ads or any of that shit..
    VIEWMY.TV totally loving it!!

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