News or feature story ideas

Al Thompkins of Al’s Morning Meeting on Poynter posted some story ideas that his professor friend, David Hazinski, sent him.  These are ideas that his students came up with during a semester of reporting class.  The students’ names, phone numbers and email addresses are attached to each idea, in case you want them. 

Some of the ideas:

Nightclub camera ban.
Skate-shoe ban.
Captive advertising spreading to small towns.
Children of deaf adults.

Here’s the link to the full list of stories. Scroll halfway down.


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One response to “News or feature story ideas

  1. tom swinford

    The real reasons of climate change took-place today.
    Under water Earthquakes are the real reasons for climate change.
    Why? Water covers two thirds of earth.
    Water produces much all of the green house gases
    The quake today was sent from one end of the world to half of the other end.
    We know that ocean currents cause climate change.
    That currant was just displaced.
    We know that much of the ocean bottoms has just churned up organic material which causes more greenhouse gases.
    We are talking about magnitudes of enormous size. Compared to mans little 3% co2s

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