How to localize the Minnesota bridge collapse

Al’s Morning Meeting from Poynter today has some very good links for localizing the story.

What….you ask?  Well, for starters, there’s data that can show you how many old bridges we have in Pennsylvania.  That’s from the Federal Highway Administration.

The site suggests questions to ask, and even gives a chronological list of links to major bridge collapses around the country from 1915 onward.

There’s also a site dedicated to infamous bridge collapses. 

Take time to check out the entire post from Al’s Morning Meeting.  There’s alot there that can save you time and give you pointers and help.

In addition, here’s a list of bridge infrastructure organizations.

Some general bridge information can be found here, put up by the Infrastructure Technology Institute, Northwestern University.

Here are the websites for the state Departments of Transportation….Pennsylvania’s is here.

This is a link to federal legislation on infrastructure.

From the highly regarded ResourceShelf comes this compilation of bridge-related “Fast Facts and Stats; U.S. Bridge Statistics from Various Sources; Transportation Research Thesaurus”  Some of this info can be found from the already listed links in Al’s Morning Meeting above, but this is well-organized and gets you there faster.


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