West Nile Virus Sources and Experts

Here are some helpful links for more information about the virus and some experts who might comment:

* Questions and answers about the virus from the CDC.

* Fight the Bite which is also from the CDC.  Look at the links down the left side of the page; they all relate to West Nile.

* West Nile info from the American Mosquito Control Association.

* Disease maps which trace the spread of the disease in various states.

* NPIC West Nile Virus Resource Guide….that’s National Pesticide Information Center to you.

* Larvicides for Mosquito Control.  This is from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency about mosquito control.

Here are possible experts:

* Experts from the Harvard School of Public Health, listed under areas of specialization with contact info for each person.

* Experts at Indiana University School of Medicine. Scroll down to Viral Infections.

* Profnet is often a lucrative source for experts.

* Yearbook of Experts Online, health search results.

* RevolutionHealth This group is offering a doctor who will comment about West Nile.  Dr. Val Jones, senior medical director at this site, is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist.  The site gives this phone number: 1 800-990-2892 and the email address for media information is media@revolutionhealth.com.  Use this site with caution as it has a .com extension, and also, they contacted us with this available source, which always raises my suspicions.  Nevertheless, here it is for your use.


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