Politifact from the St. Petersburg Times

Have you ever read rhetoric from one presidential candidate or another and wondered how close to the truth it is?  Well, Politifact’s tagline is ‘Sorting Out the Truth in Politics’. 

That’s a big order, but the St. Petersburg Times and The Congressional Quarterly have some great news researchers onboard to help track down the truth.

The site is eye-catching and easy to use.  The Truth-O-Meter is a wry touch. 

 This great 2008 campaign site was launched yesterday. Here’s a little of what Tim Rozgonyi, research editor at St. Petersburg has to say about it:

“it represents an attempt to authoratively fact check many of the claims that come out of the 2008 presidential campaign. If they’re right on the money, we’ll say it. If they’re telling half truths, we’ll give you the rest of the story. If they’re just plain wrong, we’ll say that and then we’ll tell you what the truth is.”

You are encouraged to participate by sending them a factoid to investigate.  Have at it!


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