Resources roundup

Here are some interesting and useful sites that I’ve discovered recently:

  1. I love this one.  It’s the Siskel and Ebert videos of their movie reviews, or at least, 5,000 of them. 
  2. Free information for the taking on the web. Lists databases, eBooks, audiobooks, etc.
  3. How to do a patent search. This was published on ResearchShelf by Shirl Kennedy, senior editor.  This is a handy source when you don’t do such searches often.
  4. Kids Count State Level Data. This is an Annie E. Casey Foundation survey.  How many kids in your state have health insurance? What percentage of children in your community are the children of immigrants?
  5. Loosening lips: The art of the interview. From Thirteen/WNET New York and The Center for Investigative Reporting.
  6. Hurricane Resources from Poynter.  A long listing of great information to use.

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