Purdue’s Online Writing Lab

I’m on a roll with ResourceShelf, using it for two posts in a row, but this is too good to pass by.

This site has been around since 1994 and just keeps getting richer and denser with information.

It’s Purdue’s Online Writing Lab. While it has a definite academic leaning, there is help here for every kind of writer. And you can even ask writing questions by email.

"OWL tutors answered over 5,000 writing-related queries via e-mail, and over 14,900 users are subscribed to the Purdue OWL News, a free weekly e-newsletter." writes Shirl Kennedy on ResourceShelf.

More from ResourceShelf — “OWL is easy to navigate; click the plus sign next to each item in the list on the right side of the page to access an excellent collection of succinct, well-written (of course) tutorials by category -

The Writing Process (including what to do about "writer's block");

Professional, Technical and Job Search Writing(including writing for Chinese, North American and Indian business audiences);

General Academic Writing;

Research and Citation (both APA and MLA are covered in detail);

Grammar and Mechanics;

English as a Second Language;

Internet Literacy (including information on documenting electronic resources);

Writing in the Social Sciences;

Writing in Engineering; Literary Analysis and Criticism;

Creative Writing;

Teaching writing;

Tutoring Writing.

The site is keyword searchable via a box on the homepage.

To get the most out of this site, take a look at Help Using OWL Resources, which introduces you to a toolbar that you will find on each resource. The toolbar includes buttons that allow you to:

    * Display all sections of a handout for easy printing
    * Request
    making copies for a class, workshop, etc. (copyright/fair use info)
    * Tell the OWL staff about your link to our pages (not

    required, but they'd like to hear from you)
    * Report a
    typographical or other content error
    * Offer general feedback and
    comments to the OWL staff."

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