Interesting sites

1. Wikirage tracks Wikipedia entries with the most unique edits. You can look by hour, by day and get a good idea of what’s interesting to people and what they are interested in editing.

2. Corporate filings. I found this on ResourceShelf, and it looks useful for business writers and those who have to get company information from filings with the SEC. There is also a link to a basic tutorial on the SEC website.

3. Patent searching. This is also on ResourceShelf and is presented for those of us who don’t often have to venture into the patent world. This is a source to hang onto for future use. For instance, I am called on to look for trademarks and patents about once or twice a year, and for those infrequent searches, I will use this source to get started.

4. The Art of the Interview. There’s always something new to learn about getting people to talk to you, whether you do it for a living or simply want to learn how to communicate better generally. This is from a site called Expose: America’s Investigative Reports. There’s some general advice and then advice from journalists and some resources.

5. Journalism Daily. For something a little different, this site daily compiles a list of the top 15 journalism blogs of the day. It’s convenient and easy.

6. Database Journalism. This is an interview with Derek Willis of from Innovation in College Media. For all of you database-phobes out there, this interview makes sense and might help.

7. 10 Easy Steps to use Google Earth. This is an entry found on Google Earth blog which I spotted on Depth Reporting. I know about Google Earth, but like many of us, I didn’t know about all the layering that would provide such depth of information. It’s another tool in the jounalist’s or researcher’s arsenal.

8. Finding sources through social networking. We’re getting bombarded lately about social networking, but this is a reasonable look at the idea from FreePint from a journalist viewpoint. I like it because it lists various networks according to the major interests of the participants. For example, focuses on business networking and there are a number of others listed who specialize in business networking. Of course, there are also the social networks…dating, friendship, etc. This article is worth a look-see.


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