Covering big events….

There have been a couple of big news events this past week….the big ice storm and the baseball steroid scandal.  It begs the question of how to cover big weather stories and what resources are available for the steroid scandal.

Al’s Morning Meeting on Poynter posted several really good compilations of sources as well as coming up with some interesting story angles to use in follow-up coverage. 

They are definitely worth reading, especially since another winter storm is looming.

Tips for Covering Ice Storms came first and then Al posted a followup with even more resources …. Covering Winter Storms, which is full of winter storm story ideas.  Some of them are geared for television, but there are plenty of print ideas as well.

As for the Steroid Scandal, there’s so much here…..the health effects of steroids, past steroid scandals, statistics on how widely steroids are used, how steroids work and other sports that use steroids. 


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