Elizabethtown College political experts available for commenting

With the impending presidential election, you may be looking for experienced political analysts. The Department of Political Science at Elizabethtown College can provide you with two experts representing strongly contrasting viewpoints: 

W. Wesley McDonald, Ph.D. (mcdonaldw@etown.edu or 717-361-1306)

* Professor of Political Science, Published author and invited speaker on conservative ideology and politics.

* Author of Russell Kirk and the Age of Ideology (U. of Missouri Press, 2004) and many articles on conservative politics and ideology for The Wall Street Journal, Modern Age, The American Conservative, The Southern Partisan, The University Bookman, and numerous other popular and scholarly magazines and journals.

* He also contributed articles to Takimag and VDare web sites. Has provided commentary and analysis on presidential elections to the Lancaster and Harrisburg print and electronic media since 1980, including featured appearances on WITF-TV, WITF-FM, and PCN.

E. Fletcher McClellan, Ph.D. (mcclelef@etown.edu or 717-361-1304)

·Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science

·Longtime advisor to the Elizabethtown College Democrats and instructor of courses on presidential elections and the presidency

·Frequent contributor of political analysis to local newspapers, including the Harrisburg Patriot-News and Lancaster New Era.

·Commentator on political events in local broadcast media, including featured appearances on WITF-TV, WITF-FM, and PCN

·Active member of American Political Science Association sections on the presidency, public policy, and political science education


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