Economic indicators and resources for journalists

Here are some good resources for our current national economic crisis that I’ve discovered lately:

Al’s Morning Meeting put together a good resouce about the auto industry bailout.

These next resources come from Librarians’ Internet Index.


This resource from the U.S. Census bureau provides daily updates on key economic indicators, such as the food industry, construction, residential sales and more. There is a link to the releases and a calendar showing when the releases are scheduled.

Information of Business Recessions and Recoveries

This is from the NBER Business Cycle Dating committee and among other things gives you the beginning and ending dates of U.S. recessions.

Economic Indicators

This is the monthly compilation of indicators which covers more than the daily source listed above.  I recommend that you click on tab labeled A-Z Resource List for a good look at what’s here and links to the reports.

This is a good page from the NYTimes on President-Elect Barack Obama’s new administration. There are profiles of selected and potential members


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