“Our love affair with shopping malls is on the rocks”

I began reading this NYT story this morning and became enthralled with our conundrum:

“In other words, shopping was part of the problem and now it’s part of the cure. And once we’re cured, economists report, we really need to learn how to save, which suggests that we will need to quit shopping again.”

I’m not a shopper, per se, but still, I would hate to see the end of malls because of what it would seem to mean for our retail health.

“The economic crisis has caused shoppers to go into an essentials-only mode. But the mall has never trafficked in essentials.”  The few can’t save the many, it seems.

Did you know there’s a website that tracks dead malls?  It’s called, appropriately, deadmalls.comThe site posts lists of dead malls and photos and gives history for some of the malls.

Then, there’s a blog called labelscar, that describes  itself as a retail history site.  It keeps a list of malls by state (Pennsylvania’s listing includes the Harrisburg East Mall and The Capital City Mall.) This blog seeks to record the changes in retail history.

Big Box Reuse is a site illustrating how some communities are reusing the big box spaces.

Check out the Retail Merchandiser, the industry trade-paper. 

Groceteria looks at the grocery industry the way that deadmalls looks at malls.  There is an illustrated section of the histories of stores that are and stores that are no more.


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