Resources for tracking layoffs and for covering unemployment report

Let’s look at layoff resources first.

Larry Mrazek named a few layoff trackers recently on the NewsLib listserv.  There’s:

TechCrunch which focuses mainly on the tech industry

Forbes which tracks America’s 500 largest public companies

Vault which tracks companies world-wide as well as U.S.

GeekMBA360 is a blog that tracks layoffs

ComputerWorld IT Layoff Tracker has been tracking since autumn 2008

This Friday the U.S. Department of Labor will release the latest unemployment figures, and Al’s Morning Meeting on Poynter just posted some great resources for journalists who will be covering this story.  Here’s the post.

He’s given us links to various industries and their unemployment rate from the January report, plus he looks at various aspects of that report in regard to race.

He lists some useful charts, such as state-by-state unemployment stats and your local economy at a glance.

Then there’s a valuable discussion on how the government knows who is unemployed….where does it get these numbers, how do they make the count.


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