House Swapping

I read this with interest on Al’s Morning Meeting today because I know of several friends who are having trouble selling their homes in this economy.

I thought this might be a solution for them.  But as the post makes clear, it’s a complicated process and difficult to pull off.  Not impossible though.

Al’s lists several sites that are swap facilitators, such as:

OnLine House Trading


MK HomeSwap


You can also check out permananet swap listings on CraigsList.

The posting ends with a WSJ article detailing the risks involved with this kind of transaction.



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3 responses to “House Swapping

  1. I have just come across your blog and its just great, I really enjoyed this post about house swapping, what a different idea one changing your home and getting a different house, I am not sure that I would do this just strange.

  2. is a friendly home exchange community. You have to register on website to be a member and offer your place for exchange to other member.

  3. If you want good accommodation, Please contact Vacation Exchange Network, they offering both mutual and non-mutual home swaps. No need to find someone to use your vacation home.

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