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Who has served the longest in the U.S. Senate?

Here’s an interesting blog post from Pete Basofin at the Sacramento Bee.  It was written shortly before Sen. Ted Kennedy died but is still relevant.  There’s a list of the longest serving Senators.

There’s also a list of how many senators have died in office since the beginning of this country’s founding.  To get that list, you have to link to Political Graveyard, which is worth linking here.  It’s a large biographical database of living and dead politicians.


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Open Records Guide by State

There is an informative guide online called Open Government Guide, which lists records for every state.

Not only will it tell you what records are available to the public but also it references the applicable legal passage.

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State Agency Databases

This State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States was a Resource of the Week on Resourceshelf back in early August. This is a wiki project to bring all the databases of state government agencies together in one search.

Here’s the link for the Pennsylvania agency databases. As always with wikis, check the source before using, but this could be very useful.

Here’s what Shirl Kennedy at ResourceShelf wrote about this tool:

Resource of the Week: State Agency Databases
By Shirl Kennedy, Senior Editor

We are thrilled that more and more government agencies are putting all
sorts of information online. We love one-stop shopping sites. And we
are huge fans of collaborative efforts by information professionals.
So we're pleased to introduce you to State Agency Databases Across the
Fifty States, a wiki-based project by the ALA Government Documents
Roundtable (GODORT).

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