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Free Email Address Sources

The UltimateE-Mail Directory

Large E-Mail Directories

The Virtual Chase: Finding E-Mail Addresses

Dennis Miles
Public Services Librarian
Henry G. Bennett Memorial Library
Southeastern Oklahoma State University


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Searching tips for beginners and old-timers

Barbarb Semonche, library director at The Park Library, UNC-CH, put together a valuable web page filled with search tips and resources for a workshop of high school students.

When I read the web page, I realized that it was valuable for our newsroom as well.

Why, you might ask?  Too often, I hear reporters referring to their research as ‘googling’.  I know.  It’s a good search engine, but Google is the entry point, not the end of the journey.

We are cynics and rightly so.  We sometimes need to be reminded of that when we’re searching the Internet.  This web page presents good search strategies and links to sound resources.

The page deals with podcasting, social networking, wikis, as well as internet search engines.

There’s a section of journalists’ and news librarians’ top-rated sites as well as useful, but not infallible web sites.

Check it out and plan to return.  There’s much to digest here.

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“Mining social networks for stories, sources”

Mark Schaver in his Depth Reporting blog wrote about this on May 22.  Mark is the computer-assisted director at The Courier-Journal.  Go here to read his entire post.  (Scroll down to the May 22 entry.) It’s a worthwhile read.

He writes about the immense variety of social network sites.  They aren’t just for teenagers.  He says that you can find sites devoted to music fans, physicians or people who bake.

He links to some stories that resulted from journalists mining social network sites.  And he gives us some direction on how to go about it.

Finally, he highlights some sites specifically dedicated to finding people.  Here are the sites and what Mark writes about them:

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How teens use MySpace

This is a blog entry from Mary Ellen Bates, librarian and consultant.  It’s somewhat of an eye opener, and I thought it might help us to understand the teen culture, especially the online teen culture and particularly MySpace.

Read it here. 

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Help for searching MySpace and Facebook


Facebook is a different item.. more privacy restrictions on searching.. some help here..

This was posted originally on Newslib by:

P. Michael McCulley
San Diego, CA

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