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Worth noting:

I haven’t been very faithful lately, but I’ve been thinking of you!

Here are a few sources to consider:

Getting only faces on Google image search.  This is cool.  Do a search in Google Images.  Then add &imgtype=face  to the resulting url.  The example given was searching in Images for Lightening.  You’ll get a huge result.  Add &imgtype=face to the result url, and it narrows the search results to faces within the lightening search.  You’ll get animal faces, human faces, Ben Franklin, music groups … you name it, but faces. 

Omgili…What People are Saying.  This is a new, effective search engine of online discussions on over 100,000 message boards and forums.  To get an idea of what subjects are popular, click on the Buzzz link at the top of the search page, which takes you to another page that lists popular topics, updated once an hour.

The Pennsylvania Manual on-line.  One of our reporters says that this downloads quickly.  You’ll need an Adobe reader for it, but they kindly make a download of that available on the site.  This is still the 2005 version, Volume 117, but that’s the latest edition that’s been published.  Pennsylvania is very slow in updating this valuable guide.


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